Why You Need Lottery Winners Digest

When it comes to having a friend on the inside of the lottery, you’re going to have a hard time finding someone. Most people within the industry are tight lipped about what’s going on and how the average person can get better odds. However, when you look at Lottery Winners Digest, we offer an inside look at the lotto. We not only give you the most important lottery news, we also describe how some multiple time winners actually found ways to get those multiple lottery wins.That’s correct, there are some people that have won in recent years that have not only found a way to get paid once, but several times after the fact. It’s all in regards to the strategy they employ, and how they choose to select the right numbers and keep playing, even if they don’t initially win.

One thing that is focused on here is lottery stories. Not just the feel good ones that most people think about when considering millions of dollars in victory. We make sure to look at mistakes, bad ideas, and scams that sometimes plague the lottery. By looking out for errors, we can isolate only the tips and tricks that can generate real money from any lotto drawing. The stories have also highlighted popular culture, and special insider knowledge from some of the most respected news sources. This way you are not surprised by the little nuances that are found by playing for money, and you are well aware of what’s being discovered by people that are chasing millions, just like you.

If you are new or a novice, you’ll love how Lottery Winners Digest teaches you how to win the lottery and specializes in tips on winning the lottery in a very unique way. Yes, we focus on the basics at first, because without the basics you can’t really become an expert in any way. However, while other professional resources want to limit their information, we go in deeper, looking at all different aspects of the game, because in order to win, you have to know the little things.

Some of the little things that will get you to a better shot at making money include, focusing on the numbers, not making crucial mistakes, studying repetition, looking for weak odds, and so much more. For those that are not sure if there is a way to hack the lotto, it’s time to wake up, and look at the information that is available here. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to not only learn to play the game well, but also how to win big money.

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Mega Millions Makes History – 640 Million Dollars Won

Most recently the national news was gripped with lottery fever, and it was all due to the fact that the Mega Millions lottery was offering a triple digit million dollar jackpot for anyone that could figure out the winning numbers. The jackpot started with several hundred millions, then went upwards to 640 million dollars. The millions created such havoc around the country, with lines of people waiting upwards of 3 hours and beyond to get heir hands on just one ticket. Lines around blocks and streets was extreme in many ways, and with so much uproar, records were broken.

So far there have been a few winners that have come forward, and they come from all walks of life. A few teachers in Maryland have come forward and have talked about winning big. Meanwhile, a winner in Kansas has chosen to remain anonymous about the big-ticket win, and it’s rare. But that isn’t the only news making headlines recently, there is a story making the rounds about a woman that said she lost her ticket at a local McDonalds. Oddly enough, another Maryland winner came forward and claimed she won the 640 million, and said she lost the ticket, and even got national news coverage and a lawyer to defend her. The story gained national status with the lotto fever that was being placed around the Mega Millions, but as of this writing, the case is ongoing.

The game created major records with the largest advertised jackpot reaching 640 million dollars and the drawing prompted a national audience hoping to get their hands on the big win. The estimated amount of money spent on the game is upwards of $1.5 billion with millions of people spending upwards of thousands of dollars on lottery tickets each. This type of enthusiasm brought would be buyers from all walks of life to the game, and tried their hands at getting some serious money.

Previously, the jackpots for this type of lottery was only around 390 million dollars, which is the reason why this big jackpot made national news, nearly doubling the previous record. Officials assume that a winner might still be at large, and might not even know it, which is why the media outlets are so slow to release information on winning lottery tickets and where they were purchased. News as late as April 9, showed this to be true as information was released that a winning ticket was sold from a Koreatown, Los Angeles mail center. Whatever the case is, the next time Mega Millions comes into existence, you might as well get in on the action, and join the rest of the millions that plopped serious money.

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3 Ways The Lotto Gives Back

When it comes to the lottery, people think about the big money that they can get. But few people realize that by supporting the lotto many different things happen. The money that is spent on trying to win big, goes to help all sorts of great things that we take for granted. Whether you realize it or not, you can help funding something amazing, and it’s all for a good cause. Yes, the companies that work with winnings do take a small profit, but the majority of finances go to help others. There are 3 different ways the lottery gives back, and it depends on whether or not you’re living in certain areas. The following is an example of 3 geographical locations that the lottery assists.

California – In the state of California the lottery fund helps with a great deal of different projects. The mandate for the state gives all levels of education from the earliest kid to the universities a fair share of money. The goal of assisting the schools has been massive and since 1985, the state has received over 24 billion dollars to students going to public schools in the state. More than 76% of the money goes to preliminary education, while the rest goes to higher education.

United Kingdom – The United Kingdom is not just a subject that comes up in spam with ridiculous winners. The lottery system in the U.K. helps fund a great deal of developmental infrastructure. From community fund raising, to capacity building, there is a great deal of interest that is placed on helping areas grow by leaps and bounds.

Indiana – The Indiana lotteries go to help several pieces of the state. From helping with incentives for small businesses, to keeping taxes lower, the lottery money that is generated goes to a great deal of support to the citizens in the state. Not only that, they also help police, education, and so much more.

The above 3 things are just quick ways that the lottery gives back to different pieces of the world. Every country, every state, and many states have their own rules and regulations in regards to how the money is spent. If you’re looking to spend money on the lotto and are feeling guilty, don’t, you’ll be helping fund education, civil servants, and even construction. It depends on where you’re living, how much your spending, and more. Just remember, spending money on lottery tickets directly helps others, and could very well make you rich.

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Winning the Lottery – 3 Things You Can Do With The Money

When it comes to making money with any lottery system, it’s important to look at a few things in regards to financial freedom. Sure, it’s nice to get six figures or more, but what to do with the money once it’s in your hands is something that is worth discussing, especially since winners are made daily. Every day people make serious financial moves as a result of playing scratchers, picking numbers, or other options. Now, before we continue, it’s important to remind everyone that a winner of these systems is not promised triple digit millions like that of the Mega Millions system. Some people can make anywhere from $10,000 to $1 million and much more from an investment as little as $1. That’s right, with a mere $1, people have been known to walk away with tens of thousands and even millions. Those numbers are nothing to scoff at, even if they aren’t what you might have envisioned when you think of the lottery. Before we move forward, it’s important to understand that there are many ways to spend money, but the following ways can help you manage it a little better than just making it rain at the local club. Winning the lottery starts with learning how to manage the winnings if they manifest sooner than alter.

Save It – The first tip that many people just don’t really get is, save. Saving money is not a bad thing, although some feel it’s dangerous when putting money in a bank account. If you’re not going to put money into a FDIC bank account, then at least consider buying mutual funds, stocks, or even gold bullion. Look into saving it, however, in any way you can so that you not only have money for a rainy day, you’re not tempted to spend.

Pay Bills – The second tip you can use is to make sure that you’re winnings is utilized in a good manner is to pay bills. Whether you have a mortgage, student loans, or you simply have credit card debt; move forward with paying off your bills. A clear slate can not only make the financial freedom feel so much better, it can allow yourself to really spread out and relax.

Charity – If you want to do something else, you can easily pay and help others in need. There are hundreds of charities out there that are deserving and can allow you to spend without feeling bad about throwing money around. Helping others can be an anonymous act or you could place your money into a trip where you join others to help people on a one on one basis.

The above 3 ways to utilize your newfound glory is not something that should be taken without thought. Take into consideration the above, but don’t believe it to be the only way to utilize the money won. Just take it as a few helpful ideas to move forward.

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2 Big Time Winners of the Lottery

When you think of the lottery in modern times, you most likely think about the triple digit millions that were on the line recently. Some people have won big money without having to sink millions into the state lotteries, but rather just a few bucks to play scratchers or even pick 3 or even 5. The notion of only playing one style game is long gone, especially in these modern times, and finding stories about these big wins can be somewhat difficult at times. However, there are a couple of stories that have been recently published that will have you thinking twice about the future of money and lotteries.

Before we begin showing two major wins in the lotto as of late, it’s important to understand that not everyone is going to get the triple digit million dollars win, but think of things in the positive. Would you today want a million dollars? How about $200,000? If those numbers sound like something worth possessing, then here is a bit of inspiration that will have you buying a scratcher more often than not.

Joseph Fraser – A man playing the lottery scratcher at a Massachusetts Gas station was surprised to see that he didn’t win the 10 million dollar jackpot, he won something quite nice instead. The winning sum was 1 million dollars, a far cry from the 10 million mark, but no one can argue that the man was quite happy. Instead of receiving cash over years, he decided to take a lump sum and walked away a very happy man. This type of win is common, and it doesn’t always get publicized because it’s not triple digit millions, but it’s another good reason to play scratchers, even if the prize is 10% of the big jackpot, you’ll feel good when you get the winning check in your hands.

Another man, this time electing to be anonymous recently played the lottery in Greenville, S.C. and hit a $200 prize. That’s nothing to scoff at, and h e was on his way happy, until he went to scan the ticket and realized he didn’t win merely $200, he won one thousand times that amount walking away with six figures! That’s right, six figures for playing the lotto, and how much was his investment? A mere $10 to get his hands on big loot and he’s now debt free.

The above quick stories are not anything new; they are continually published, and should be served as inspiration for those that are looking to score. Once again, you might not think that playing the lotto can get you anywhere near triple digit millions, but it doesn’t have to, it can give you six figures, and even 7 figures if you just play. It’s nice to have money, and when your investment yields six figures, you’re probably not worried about the hundreds of millions you didn’t win.

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